Jonty Behr  •  05 Feb 2017

Laravel London Meetup - Sept 2016

During last week we held the Laravel London Meetup for September at Google Campus.

As usual, we had two talks. The first talk was from Max Brokman, who talked about building a SQL report builder. This is something that I've come across in a few projects before, and it was good to see Max go into quite a bit of detail and list out the "do's" and "dont's". The second talk was from Simon Hamp, who heads up the tech team at PukkaTeam. The gist of his talk was how easy it was to get a new project up and running using Laravel Spark (which is something that I can definitely attest to as well).

Although we've hosted at Google Campus before, this is the first time that they have asked all attendees for anonymous feedback. Here are the results:

94% of respondents said that they loved the event.
  • 88% loved the speaker(s)
  • 65% loved the content
  • 53% loved meeting other attendees
  • 12% liked something else

These options are not mutually exclusive, but the results are nevertheless interesting. I'd really like to know more about the 12% that "liked something else". Maybe my South African accent. Or more likely the free pizza.

Here are some of the feedback comments:

  • Enjoyed talk about Laravel ecosystem.
  • Really good community feeling at G campus, same as last time we attended and great crowd at Laravel London!
  • Great venue, great talks, nice crowd
  • Not earthshattering in terms of the content of the two talks, perhaps, but they were both presented with such wit and charisma that it didn't matter. The between-talks pizza was very good and much appreciated too!
  • Great location. Great meet up
  • Really good talks, very informative and relevant to my views on coding. A great experience and very well organised.

Of course, not all feedback was positive, and we'll be working hard on improving those things each time.

If you're interested, here are the talks in full.

The meetup was sponsored by, our Laravel Log management and analysis tool.